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Air quality made easy.


Why does air quality matter?

Employees exposed to hazardous air are at risk of developing severe health complications leading to poor job performance or increased sick leave.

With the new COVID-19 guidelines, improving IAQ is a crucial step for businesses to continue operations while keeping employees and customers safe.

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AeroSpec in action

AeroSpec is an indoor air quality monitoring system that consists of portable and fixed physical sensors as well as real-time 3D mapping software.

With AeroSpec Web-based software, you can monitor your facility's IAQ in real-time and address any problem almost instantly.


Get detailed report insights

  • Real-time analysis of collected data by the network of sensors.

  • Facility’s air quality distribution model.

  • Evaluation of the existing intervention strategies.

  • Specific recommendations to improve overall IAQ.

What does AeroSpec measure?

  • Particle Concentration

  • Humidity

  • Temperature

  • Noise

  • VOC

  • CO2

  • Ozone

Real time data and alerts provide you with the necessary information to keep your building occupants safe.


Our Story

What started out as an idea in a lab at the University of Washington, 6 years later is a reality! Student-driven teamwork and help from our community has brought the AeroSpec device to life.

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